Program Outline

Eyelash Extension Training

Are you thinking about becoming an Eyelash Extension Stylist? Our Training enables you to expand your portfolio and take advantage of this high-maintenance service with finesse. Learn how to transform each lash set into a customized application, providing every client with symmetry and facial balance. Amp up your clients’ lashes and your salon’s bottom line all at once. We are proud to offer quality products and the highest caliber training by the most competent instructors in the industry.

Training Course & Kit $1100

THIS 2 Day Lash Extension training will enable you with the knowledge and practical skills of eyelash extensions. 



  • Hygiene, sanitation
  • Natural Lashes – type of hair and hair growth cycles in depth
  • Proper workstation set-up
  • Proper eye preparation
  • Working with different types and controlling of adhesive
  • Different lash types
  • Working with different eye shapes/eye placement
  • Enhancing the eye, any eye shape
  • Proper use of tools
  • Eyelash Removal
  • How to deal with allergies
  • How to cover lower lashes
  • How to apply lashes to natural lashes on client
  • How to do different styles ( Cat Eye, Natural look, Central look)


  • Theory and Practical (live model training)
  • Course notes to include business and application tips and tricks Eyelash Extension Business:
  • The Complete Beginners Guide – Learn How To Start Your Eyelash Extensions Business And Earn Money!
  • Complete lash kit with supplies to perform 25-50 treatments
  • Certificate of Completion in Lash Extensions.
TWO DAY training

How To Enroll

Our training programs are designed to provide you with a well-rounded education, giving you the proper skills and knowledge to expand your portfolio. Register using the form below or contact us for additional information. 

All Students are encouraged to read state licensing requirements. Deposits Are Non-Refundable

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