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Principal: Margaret McIntyre
Esthetics School License # 1267000099
Expires 10-31-2025

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Our training programs provide professional-level training to ensure our students meet the necessary requirements to take the state board, obtain licensure, and establish a career in high demand industry.

Testing and Standards

Our specialized training programs are certified through SCHEV and DPOR and involve online theory, tests, exams, and practical hands-on training with professionals in our luxury teaching spa.

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Career Opportunities

According to US Department of Labor: “Employment of estheticians is expected to grow much faster than average, increasing 38% growth from 2008-2018.”

Many of our students get a job BEFORE they graduate! You would be eligible for career paths that include: salons, day spas, medical spas, physicians offices, self-employment, beauty training, and sales.


Our instructors are some of the best in the industry—they don’t just teach, they lead innovation in skincare. You’ll get both a hands-on education and the inspiration to make it your own.

Alumni Network

“It makes such a difference when you get to learn about something you love! I loved the teachers, the workbooks, material, the hands-on portion – all of it. I don’t think I can pinpoint only one favorite thing.”

Jordan McAlister

Makeup Artist & Esthetician, Faces by Jordan

Beauty Bar Student Clinic

Facials & Back Facials

Student Clinic 

Esthetics Program


Class Begins November 6, 2023

Advanced Esthetics

Hybrid Online Course

September 2023 (day TBD)

Fundamental Esthetics


Hybrid Online Evening Class Begins August 28, 2023

Online Day Class Begins November 6, 2023

Esthetician and Advanced Esthetician Training School

Our programs are designed to provide you with a well-rounded education, giving you the proper skills and knowledge to launch a long-term and successful career in esthetics. Many esthetic procedures have advanced over the years which is why we use modern technology and techniques in order to teach you the most advanced procedures.

Education Accreditation

Our esteemed esthetics program is fully certified through DPOR. It offers a comprehensive blend of online theoretical coursework, rigorous tests, in-depth exams, and specialized hands-on training sessions. These sessions are conducted by seasoned professionals in the serene environment of our luxury teaching spa, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience for all participants.

Learn from Professionals

Our instructors, renowned as industry leaders, aren’t just educators — they are at the forefront of skincare innovation, continuously pushing boundaries. Within our master esthetician program, you’ll not only receive an immersive hands-on education but also be instilled with the passion and inspiration to carve your unique path in the world of esthetics.

Luxury Teaching Spa

Within our esthetics program, we prioritize hands-on skills, and as a result, our students gain the confidence to excel across various services. By interweaving theory with substantial practical sessions in our luxury teaching spa, you’ll not only master techniques but also become adept at using state-of-the-art equipment, thereby bridging the gap between learning and your future professional endeavors in esthetics.

Earn a Certificate

Situated at the forefront of education, our aesthetician school seamlessly integrates professional-level instruction into our training programs. By doing so, we ensure that our students are adeptly prepared to tackle the state board examinations and subsequently obtain their licensure. Consequently, with this robust foundation, they are uniquely positioned to embark on a thriving career in the ever-growing esthetics industry, standing out with unparalleled expertise.


2785 Richmond Hwy.
Suite 113 & 115
Stafford, VA 22554

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Mon – Fri: 9am – 4:30pm

NoVA’s Premier Esthetician Training School

NoVa Esthetics Training School is the leading esthetician school in the Commonwealth of Virginia, dedicated to offering students the highest quality training in the field of esthetics. Our school is fully accredited and adheres to the state’s rigorous educational standards, ensuring that students receive a excellent education that meets all the necessary criteria to become a professional esthetician.

At NoVa Esthetics Training School, students undergo a comprehensive and demanding training program designed to prepare them for a successful career in the esthetics industry. This program comprises classroom instruction and hands-on training, allowing students to gain the knowledge and practical experience required to become skilled estheticians. Furthermore, the school’s instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, providing students with the guidance and support they need to excel.

The school’s dedication to excellence extends beyond its training program, with a strong emphasis on assisting students in finding excellent job placements after graduation. The school has established strong relationships with leading employers in the esthetics industry and works closely with them to help place graduates in fulfilling and rewarding positions. As a result, students can feel confident in their ability to secure employment after completing their training at NoVa Esthetics Training School.

Esthetician training at Nova Laser and Esthetics Training School
Esthetician training at Nova Laser and Esthetics Training School
Esthetician training at Nova Laser and Esthetics Training School
Esthetician training at Nova Laser and Esthetics Training School

Advanced Esthetician Training Program

The Advanced Esthetician Training Program at our institution provides a comprehensive pathway for those passionate about elevating their skills in the realm of esthetics. This advanced esthetician training is meticulously designed to align with state requirements, ensuring that students are well-prepared for a Virginia advanced esthetician licensure. Our curriculum delves deep into subjects like Advanced Skin Care & Modalities, State Laws, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, and offers a rigorous overview of advanced procedures like Chemical Exfoliation and Lymphatic Drainage.

For those keen on the practical application of their skills, we have integrated hands-on sessions that cover Advanced Treatments, Microdermabrasion, and Lymphatic Drainage Treatments. Additionally, students will benefit from our inclusive course materials like the Milady Standard Esthetics Textbooks, CIMA Digital Course Access, and a specialized Master Esthetics Student Kit, including an Esthetics Training Mannequin Head. A crucial note for potential enrollees: this advanced training program requires students to either be licensed estheticians or be enrolled in our foundational esthetics program. To ensure the highest training and compliance standards, prerequisites include completing an accredited Esthetics Program or holding an Esthetician License, along with meeting DPOR License Requirements.

Intrigued about shaping your future in the esthetics industry? Dive deeper into our program and uncover how we can help you stand out in this competitive field.

Discover more about our Advanced Esthetician Training Program today!

I had the best teacher ever

I attended this school from August-March for the esthetics basic class and I absolutely LOVED my experience with this school mainly because I had the best teacher ever. Kaelie was my teacher and from the moment I stepped in her class she made me feel comfortable and excited about school. I was nervous about attending class but all of that went away because of Kaelie. Kaelie also made sure that before moving on to any subject, EVERYBODY in the class understood what we were working on. She made class interesting and also rewarded us when we exceeded expectations. I look forward to going back to get my masters. I also love the owner of this school Maggie, I was able to get a service done by her while I was in school & LOVED it!

Caeli Michelle

Graduated 2023, Fundamental Esthetics Licensure Program

I loved my experience

I loved my experience with NVLET!!! I had the best teacher Kaelie who was very knowledgeable about the curriculum and down to earth! My class was the GOAT and I feel like through this class I met some Forever friends. Don’t think about it, sign up for a tour and invest into this program because it definitely molded me to the estie babe I am today ❤️

Jalee Anderson

Graduated 2023, Fundamental Esthetics Licensure Program

The “Esthetician School Near Me” you’ve been searching for…

If you’re looking for an esthetician school near me, NoVa Esthetics Training School is conveniently located in Stafford, VA, between Woodbridge and Fredericksburg on I-95. This highly-regarded school offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for successful careers in the beauty industry.

At NoVa Esthetics Training School, you’ll receive hands-on training in a state-of-the-art facility with the latest equipment and techniques. In addition, you’ll learn from experienced instructors passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you achieve your goals.

In addition to your high-quality education, NoVa Esthetics Training School offers a supportive and inclusive learning environment. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals striving to achieve their dreams.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a licensed esthetician, a skincare specialist, or a makeup artist, NoVa Esthetics Training School has the resources and expertise to help you succeed. So if you’re searching for an esthetician training school near me, look no further than NoVa Esthetics Training School in Stafford, VA.


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